Thursday, 30 April 2009

Training for the Training Weekend.

When I posted my last blog I had been running for three months. Success. Training continued until Tuesday 7th April when I went out for a gentle, untimed run. I had planned to run four and a half miles but after just under two miles I felt my hamstring cramp up. I stopped immediately and set of back home. I found I could run for about twenty steps before the muscle seized up again and so I walked a while and then jogged twenty steps and then walked again repeating this cycle all the way home.
Depressed. The muscle for a bit sore the next day but very soon felt okay. I just had to wait until I was confident that I could run again.
After two and a bit weeks off I was persuaded by my next door neighbour JD (also a Garscube runner) to go for a gentle run. We did three miles around Victoria Park and we had a good run with no problems. I was running again and have since done a further three runs. Which is good news because a few weeks ago I booked to go on the club's Training Weekend at Callander. I have to train to survive the Training Weekend.
News for John (JD) was not so good. On a gentle three mile run on Sunday he had a recurrence of an old calf injury and will have to have a couple of weeks of enforced rest.

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