Monday, 6 December 2010

Day 6 of the Marcothon

So far I have managed a run every day in December. The snow has been deep at times and the weather cold but there has been lots of sunshine so running has been a joy. Friday was grey and cold but I still managed the best part of 6 miles.
However, day 6 of the Marcothon was quite different. Early morning rain in Glasgow froze into ice on the roads but turned to heavy snow at 09:00. Buses, lorries and vans slid all over the roads. By 12:00 and a thaw had set in. So we had slush and wet snow on ice. I decided to do a hill session in the Clyde pedestrian tunnel. I ran there to find it closed and so ended up doing 4 miles in the park with cold wet feet!
Ominously I finished my run as blue skies moved in from the North West. I foresee frost and total chaos on the roads tonight and tomorrow morning.

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