Monday, 9 March 2009

2009 - another new beginning.

Okay. So the end of 2008 wasn't a great success. I was determined to start running again as we moved into 2009. I restricted my runs to 3 miles off road and a longer 4.5 mile road runs. This enabled me to take a full part in a training weekend "Body and Sole weekend" at Balmoral Castle. The weekend was organised by Running the Highlands as was excellent. Off road running - excellent food designed for running - learning a set of core stability exercises - learning a set of stretching exercises (yet again) and great company. All in all a great motivating weekend.
So now I've just come home from buying a new pair of shoes. I've always run in New Balance shoes because they have always felt comfortable and have lasted well. I did once buy a pair of Nike Air Max which were comfortable but my foot twisted in them (heel out to the right toes out to the left!) and they were useless after a couple of months. Our local running shop - Achilles Heel - has stopped selling New Balance and I ended up buying Brookes Defyance. They felt good on. I'll see how they go when I'm running.

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